Super Tuesday Live Updates: Biden Sweeps, Sanders Wins California

Topline: Former Vice President Joe Biden became a frontrunner in the Democratic primary on Super Tuesday as he scored crucial victories across the south and upset both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in key races.

  • Vermont (16 delegates): Bernie Sanders
  • Virginia (99 delegates): Joe Biden
  • North Carolina (110 delegates): Joe Biden
  • American Samoa (6 delegates): Michael Bloomberg
  • Alabama (52 delegates): Joe Biden
  • Colorado (67 delegates): Bernie Sanders
  • Oklahoma (37 delegates): Joe Biden
  • Tennessee (64 delegates): Joe Biden
  • Minnesota (75 delegates): Joe Biden
  • Arkansas (31 delegates): Joe Biden
  • Massachusetts (91 delegates): Joe Biden
  • California (415 delegates): Bernie Sanders, according to the Associated Press
  • Utah (29 delegates): Bernie Sanders
  • Texas (228 delegates): Joe Biden
  • We’re still awaiting results from Maine.
  • Here’s what exit polls are saying.

Key races: Sanders lost both Minnesota and Oklahoma to Biden, both of which he won in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. Sanders also lost Texas, a state with the second-highest number of delegates, but decisively won California, which has the most delegates. In Massachusetts, Joe Biden pulled off a stunning upset and beat Elizabeth Warren in her home state.

News peg: With more than a third of total delegates up for grabs, Super Tuesday has the ability to change the delegate math. Before Tuesday, Sanders was leading the field with 60 delegates while Biden had 53. But the race changed dramatically over the last 72 hours after both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed Biden in an attempt to consolidate a moderate voting block against Sanders.

What to watch out for: Delegates are proportionally allocated based on the results, and only candidates with 15% of the vote are eligible to receive delegates.